My wife and I keep our expenses to a minimum so we can offer the lowest rates in NH! We mainly bought our limo so my wife and I could enjoy the Limo and we could use it for special occasions for our family. How does this benefit you? We don’t need to make a killing on our rates, so you save!

I searched all of NH for what limo’s were charging, took the lowest rate IĀ found, then made mine less!! We look forward to giving you a great ride, and a low price!

Our Super Reasonable Rate

You can't afford not to hire us!
  • Here is our rate per hour, compare with others at $75 to $90/hour!

3 Hour Special

Great for going out to dinner around the Lakes Region
  • Save money by booking our 3 hour special!

Wedding Special

  • Wedding are expensive! My wife and I got married last year, so I know! lol. A wedding is so much cooler when the Bride can arrive in a limo, so we are tying to make that easier for you!

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